Reentry Court Focus Group Map

BJA Reentry Court Focus Group/ MAP: Boston Mass. June 1, 2010

Facilitators: Judge Jeff Tauber; Al Siegel

Morning Session: 9:00-12:00

State Issues [1]

Getting the necessary jurisdictional authority

Different reentry court models for different states

State vs. County Based Programs

State Wide Systems and Resources

Coordination among parole/ probation; state/county

Refreshment Break: 10:30

Local Jurisdictional  Issues [2]

What is the Mission of Reentry Court: rehabilitation, recidivism, control, punishment

The role of local courts and court personnel

How to get buy-in from courts and local agencies

Necessary Components of Reentry Court

A minimalist or full service court?

Informal/ therapeutic v. adversarial/ adjudicative approaches

Presentation on Evidence Based Practices in Reentry Courts 12:30-1:30                                                                                                                                      Dr. Doug Marlowe; Chief of Science, Policy, and Law, NADCP

Afternoon Program: 2:00-5:00

Presentation: Harlem Parole Reentry Court Evaluation

Zach Hamilton; CCI

What Works to Reduce Recidivism [3]

Evidence Based Sentencing Practices

Eligibility criteria, risk assessments and targeting participants

Sanctions and Incentives

Responding to technical infractions

Effectively dealing with high risk offenders (a street perspective)

Local Community Issues [4]

Community participation – building constituencies for reentry

Resourcing the reentry court locally

Sharing community decision-making

Working with existing Community Coalitions

Education, Research and Technical Assistance [5]

What research is needed to move the reentry court field forward?

What is the research and science relevant to practitioners?

What learning tools are effective in teaching new scientific principles and techniques?

What content areas do new reentry court teams need education/training in? (Describe publications, interactive training, websites, and other relevant resources)

What are areas for training/technical assistance for established reentry courts?

Finale: 5:00


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