"Today when I think of reentry court, I am reminded that nearly every offender sentenced to time in custody will return to the community from whence they came. And thus, every sentencing court is in fact, a reentry court, creating a pathway for the offender’s reentry into society." -Jeff Tauber

HEALING CRIMINAL JUSTICE by Judge Jeffrey Tauber (download free)

Healing Criminal Justice: the journey to Restore Community in Our Courts, is  newly published , by Judge Jeffrey Tauber (it can be downloaded for free on Amazon.com during the month of July). It’s central theme is the rediscovery of the healing power of community within the criminal justice system. Judge Tauber lays out his vision of a future, in which society, recoiling from its overreliance on imprisonment,  returns to its historic use of community to control criminal behavior.

Healing Criminal Justice also speaks to how leadership from within can change the trajectory of a major institution, even one as immovable as the criminal justice system.

Finally, ”Healing Criminal Justice”  celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). Written by its founding president and president emeritus, it describes NADCP’s path to nationwide champion of criminal justice drug reform.

In Healing Criminal Justice, Judge Tauber describes his  experience as one of the nation’s first drug court judges and how a nascent field with a few scattered programs was transformed into a nationwide movement. He recalls his worldwide travels as well as his experience as a struggling saxman playing in Oakland’s blues clubs, and how both contributed to his understanding of one of the most vital elements in the criminal justice system: community.

Judge Jeffrey Tauber (ret.) is the Director/Editor of Reentry Court Solutions (RCS), an educational initiative that provides a nation-wide information website; as well as technical assistance, training, and advisory services to the field.

To access an excerpt of the book, please click on the link on the right: hhtp://healingcriminaljustice.co


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