"Today when I think of reentry court, I am reminded that nearly every offender sentenced to time in custody will return to the community from whence they came. And thus, every sentencing court is in fact, a reentry court, creating a pathway for the offender’s reentry into society." -Jeff Tauber


WHY DRUG ADDICTION IS SIMPLER THAN YOU THOUGHT    A five minute video, based on the book by Johann Hari, “Chasing the Scream”, was put out by Patreon (they welcome your contributions through their website, Patreon.com) It describes the causes of addiciton and the “Cure” in a clear and simple way for the lay person (as … Read moreCOMMENTARY

A “You Tube” Reentry Court Tutorial

Sept.9,2013 Go to the “Jeff Tauber” Channel on You Tube for the comprehensive 28 video tutorial on reentry courts The San Francisco Reentry court Team was made up of program staff and volunteers who came together to providef community and friendship in an otherwise cold courtroom setting. A You Tube channel set up in my … Read moreA “You Tube” Reentry Court Tutorial

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