"Today when I think of reentry court, I am reminded that nearly every offender sentenced to time in custody will return to the community from whence they came. And thus, every sentencing court is in fact, a reentry court, creating a pathway for the offender’s reentry into society." -Jeff Tauber

No. 12 in a Series: Why a Drug Court is not called a Community Court

Naming a relatively minor offshoot of drug court a “Community Court”, meant that many drug courts and their progeny never saw their programs as community based, relying on community participation, or being responsible to their communities

Reentry Court Axiom: Smaller “Margin Of Error”

A Reentry Court Axiom, “the greater the risk of a particpant re-offending, the smaller the margin of error, for reentry court practitioners, to get it right”.

Harlem’s Administrative Parole Reentry Court

The Harlem Parole Reentry Court, sits in one of the oldest court buildings in Manhattan, though it is by no means a traditional court.  The renovated courthouse is home to the “Harlem Community Justice Center”,   a multi-jurisdictional community court project, as well as the Harlem Parole Reentry Court. The Reentry Court is presided over … Read moreHarlem’s Administrative Parole Reentry Court

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