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REENTRY COURT SOLUTIONS (RCS) is designed to provide critical information, resources, and assistance to those interested in developing effective Reentry Courts and Evidence-Based Sentencing Systems. We will  share our knowledge, experience, and expertise with those who wish to learn, and learn and disseminate information from those who wish to share what they know.

We welcome your contributions, articles, reports, research, funding alerts, comments, suggestions, and criticisms.

Reentry Courts are special Problem-Solving, Collaborative, or Community-Based Courts, that provide a seamless transition for offenders leaving our nations jails and prisons and reentering the community, providing the necessary rehabilitation  and treatment services, as well as the supervision and monitoring required to make that transition successful.

Evidence-Based Sentencing Systems are special courts or court systems that use evidence-based sentencing practices to provide the most effective sentencing practicable for all sentenced felons, in any given community.





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