2004 : Resolution 22 Reaffirmed

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On July 29,2004, CCJ Resolution 22 and COSCA Resolution 4 were adopted by both CCJ and COSCA as proposed by the CCJ/COSCA Problem-Solving Courts Committee.  The document fully reaffirmed its endorsement (in most matters verbatim)  of the 2000 Joint Resolution.

The 2004 document went beyond the 2000 resolution by laying out eleven reccomendations (A through K) that would:

(1) encourage the  implementation of state plans to expand the use of the principles of Problem-Solving Courts ,

(2) Encourage states, local jurisdictions, judicial educators, law schools and the American Bar Association to develop and/or expand educational programs dedicated to teaching the principles of Problem-Solving Courts,

(3) Encourage the identification and promulgation of “best practices” in the Problem Solving Court field, and

(4) Advocate for necessary funding to sustain the necessary services provided by Problem Solving Courts.

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