State Court Manager’s Map

The following map and keyed agenda is provided specifically for state governmental personnel, including  judicial, criminal justice, corrections, probation/ parole administrators, as well as the executive and legislative officials. Suggested publications and other resources relevant to Reentry Courts  and related topics will be numbered and keyed to an agenda provided to State Officials at the State Judicial Mangers meeting on Wednesday, June 2nd at the NADCP Conference in Boston. [Both map  and keyed Agenda will remain on line for a ninety day period to accomodate state officials in their review of the reentry court option]


1. Jurisdictional Structures available to the States to establish Reentry Courts

2. Models developed at county jurisdictional levels

3. Best Practices in Rentry Courts (EBP, sanctions and incentives, validated risk and needs assessments,etc.)

4. Community involvement in Reentry processes

5. Research, Evaluations, Educational Tools Available  To Reentry Courts

State Court Manager’s Reentry Court Resource Map

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