2009: CCJ/COSCA Resolution 3

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At their Annual meeting on August 5, 2009, both the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ)  and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) unanimously passed Resolution 3, calling for major increases in federal funding for drug courts.

By  passing Resolution 3 , both organizations reaffirmed their support for drug and problem-solving courts and called for passage of  NADCP’s $250 million appropriations request, then being considered by the Congress. Importantly, CCJ Resolution No.3 once again specifically states that ” drug courts have proven to be the most effective strategy for reducing drug use and criminal recidivism among criminal offenders with substance abuse and addiction….”. That quote (appearing verbatim in the 2000 and 2004 resolutions) clearly supports the position that reentry courts (the next generation of drug court), requires substantial federal funding as well.

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