1. Community-Based Reentry Court Works!

The first of six (6) playlists consisting of four video clips each, “Community Based Reentry Court”, provides video clips  demonstrating the importance of community within reentry courts, perhaps a unique need of those high-risk individuals, who have spent long terms in prison, and require an intensive level of supervision and rehabilitation in order to reconnect with community outside of the reentry court. Here, San Francisco Pretrial Services Supervising Case Manager Ali Riker, a veteran of 25 years in court services, describes her time with the San Francisco Parole Reentry Court as an “amazing experience”, and SFPRC’s “spectacular” ability to create an effective court-based community.

This video clip shows the San Francisco Reentry Court (SFPRC) as a highly successful program (discontinued in October, 2011). It assisted serious, high-risk parolees to remain in the community, by focusing on reduced recidivism, criminality, and anti-social behaviors. Using positive reinforcement and pro-social activities rather than custodial time, it achieved extraordinary results, reducing the number of San Francisco parolees, returning to prison by over 80%.[California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) data; Dec 2010-Sept. 2011]


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