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Two narratives on promoting your book: They told me I needed to stay focused.  I actually thought that all you had to do was find the thousands of  hours to write your book. If you have something to say that’s worth the read, then people will read your book. Of course when I put that idea out there to the professionals, they laughed.

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[Jazzy Judge Jeff]
“From the blues and jazz clubs of Oakland, to the prisons of Fiji and Samoa, to the halls of Congress and the White House, Judge Jeffrey Tauber recounts his ascent to the leadership of the nation’s drug and problem-solving court movement.

It’s  also about the challenges one faces when you try to do something really big; when you challenge an entire government bureaucracy. How you run into  buzzsaws coming from every direction. How you need to be willing to sacrifice nearly everything you care about. You have to be driven, and lucky, and you’ve got to catch that big wave just righ, to make it happen. And even after all that, it may not be worth the fight.

In this case, maybe it was. Over three thousand drug and problem-solving courts established over the past twenty-five years; over a quarter million persons trained and educated in alternative treatment practices and principles; Over one and a half million participants entering drug courts since 1994 when NADCP was formed..

In wistful and humorous anecdotes, he recounts his worldwide travels as well as his experience as a struggling saxman playing Oakland’s clubs, and how both contributed to his understanding of the most vital element in the criminal justice system: community.”

Healing Criminal Justice’s central theme is the rediscovery of the healing power of community. Judge Tauber lays out his vision of a future, in which society, recoiling from its overindulgence in imprisonment,  returns to its historic reliance on community as the controller of criminal behavior.

“Jeffrey Tauber has been a criminal defense attorney and a judge. He has also been a world traveler with a sociologist’s eye and the sensibilities of a musician. In Healing Criminal Justice, Judge Tauber recalls his time on the Oakland bench as one of the nation’s first drug court judges and how he helped transform a nascent field with a few scattered programs into a nationwide movement.

”Healing Criminal Justice” celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). Written by its founding president and president emeritus, it describes NADCP’s path to nationwide champion of criminal justice drug reform.

Judge Jeffrey Tauber (ret.) is the Director/Editor of Reentry Court Solutions (RCS), an educational initiative that provides a nation-wide information website; as well as technical assistance, training, and advisory services to the field. hhtp://

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