Reentry Court Training Agenda

Agenda for Reentry Court “Skills Based Training”

May 28, 2008  (9:00-5:00pm)

9-9:10  Presenter J.Tauber; Introduction to topic, description of day’s training. Analysis of general concepts and approach.

9:10       Panel Discussion;  Moderator/Practitioners; What are County Based Reentry Courts,  Description of models, components, obstacles, challenges, successes

Panelists: J. Michael Tynan, L.A. CA; Jack Barnett, St. Charles County, MO;  Mary Boal, Uinta County, Wy; J. Terra Reilley, San Bernadino CA.

9:50     Panel: Moderator/Practitioners: Court/Jail/Rehabilitation Paradigm;

Jurisdiction, jail based treatment, collaboration, hearings, sanctions and incentives

Panelists: Jack Barnett, Miriam Gomez, San Bernadino, CA; Dave Evins, Uinta County, WY;  Nancy Chand, L.A. CA

10:30-10:40 Break

10:40- Panel Discussion;  Moderator/ Practitioners: What are State based prison Reentry courts; Description of models, key components, obstacles, challenges, successes

Panelists: J. David Fry, Kansas City, MO; J. Peter Breen, Reno, NV; Dave Leitenberger, Richland County, OH;  J. Robert Francis, Dallas, TX; J. Jose Salinas, Marion County, IN

11:20  Panel: Moderator/Practitioners: Court/Prison/Rehabilitation Paradigm;

Jurisdiction, prison- based treatment, collaboration, hearings, sanctions and incentives

Panelists:  Terry Gilmartin, Reno, NV;  Teressa Williams, Dallas, TX; Tareq Nazemy, Marion County, IN, Lee Sampson, Ohio Parole; Scot Johnston, Missouri Parole/Prob.

12:00-2:00   LUNCH

2-2:10  Presenter:  J.Tauber; review of day, description of afternoon agenda, a brief history of Corrections; special presentation: John Megaw, NYC

2:10  Panel Discussion;  Moderator/Policy Makers; analysis of need for Reentry Court, Second Chance Act, progress made, obstacles to, from the prospective of policy makers.

Panelists:  Scot Johnston; Mike Brady, CA Parole; Sheila Leslie, Assemblywoman, NV; Lee Sampson,; Mary Kay Hudson, Indiana AOC

3:00  Panel Discussion:  Moderator/Practitioners; MAKING IT HAPPEN: Putting your county/state Reentry Court together; An introduction to a step by step analysis

Section A:  moderators/panelists; County Based Practitioners

Panelists: J. Mike Tynan, Mary Boal; Dave Evins; Miriam Gomez, Jack Barnett

Section B:  moderators/panelists; State Based Practitioners

Panelists:  J. Archie Blake, Reno NV; J. Robert Francis, NYC; Tareq Mazemy;  Mike Brady; J. David Fry

3:40-3:50   Break

3:50   MAKING IT HAPPEN:  Breakout by county/state discipline: policy makers, judicial officials, program coordinators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, rehabilitation specialists, researchers; probation, parole, corrections, jail, and law enforcement officials

SECTION A: County Jail Based Professional/Discipline Discussion groups led by:

Judges:  J.  Reilly; J Michael Tynan

Jail-Based Rehabilitation:  Jack Barnett, Mary Boal

Program Corrdinators:  Miriam Gomez, David Leitenberger

Staff Attorneys: Nancy Chand

Jail:  Dave Evins

SECTION B: State Prison Based Professional/Discipline Discussion groups led by:

Judges:  J. Blake, J. Salinas

Policy Makers; Scott Johnston, Sheila Leslie

Program Coordinators:  Nigel Jackson, Trina Willis

Parole:  Mike Brady, Detrell Howell, NYC

Corrections:  Lee Sampson, Terry Gilmartin

Research:  Teresa Williams, John Megaw

4:50  Closing; Presenter; J Tauber, Next Steps: The Promise  of Reentry Courts,  Review of what we’ve learned: what must be done by policymakers, practitioners, community?

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