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Reentry Court Symposium/One Day Skills Building Workshop: Boston, Mass; June 2,2010

The Reentry Court Symposium Map  provides Reentry Court Symposium Attendees  (and those interested observers, unavailable to attend ),   with specific resource suggestions keyed to the Symposium Agenda (See Agenda and Map below):


The morning session is made up mostly of interactive panel discussions and end with teams working together on problems presented (9-12AM):

Moderator: Judge Jeff Tauber (ret.) [email protected]

(1) Reentry Court as part of a State-wide System: Where do we fit in?

Mike Brady, State Parole Administrator, CA

Mary Kay Hudson, IN AOC Manager

Melissa Knopp, OH AOC Manager

Scott Johnson, Chief State Supervisor, Missouri Board Probation and Parole

Judith Viglione, PA Parole Board

(2) Building your Reentry Court: The different faces of Reentry Court

Judge Chris Carpenter, Columbia, MO Christine

Judge John Creuzot, Dallas TX

Judge Steven Manley, Santa Clara County CA

Judge John Surbeck, Fort Wayne , IN

Chris Watler, Court Coordinator, NYC

(3) Working with serious high risk offenders: “Taking it to the Streets”

(with a special panel including parolees)

The Afternoon session will lead off with a major lecture:

(4) How Evidence Based Practices works in a Reentry Court (2:00-3:15 PM):

Judge John Creuzot, Dallas TX, john [email protected]

Teresa May Williams, Probation, Dallas   [email protected]

Thereafter, the audience will split into four groups (3:30-4:45);

Facilitator: Al Siegel, Center for Court Innovation

(A) The Court: Judge, D.A., Defense Counsel, Coordinator, case managers

Moderators: Judge Chris Carpenter MO

Judge Jose Salinas, Indianapolis; IN

Cindy McCoy, Director, Grant Count Correctional Services

(B) Monitoring/ Sanctions: Parole, Probation, Community Policing, Jail Personnel

Moderators: Alfred Siegel, Deputy Director of the Center for Court Innovation

Mike Brady, State Parole Administrator, CA

David Leitenberger, Richland County Probation Administrator

(C) Rehabilitation: Drug Treatment, Mental Health Professional, Job Training and Education, Housing and Family Problems, community non-profits, concerned citizens

Moderators: Chris Watler Coordinator, NYC, Harlem parole Reentry Court

Michael Princivalli, Columbia/ Boone County MO Program Coordinator

Jeffrey Yanis, Indianapolis, IN Coordinator

(D) State Wide Systems: Legislators, State Parole/Probation Managers, AOC Personnel, Appellate Judges, State Probation and Parole Administrators.

Moderators: Julius Lang, Center for Court Innovation; TA Director

Scott Johnson, Chief State Supervisor, MO Board of Probation and Parole

Melissa Knopp, OH AOC Manager

Each group will discuss the same topics, but from their unique professional perspective: (a) Who gets in: eligibility, screening and assessments (b)  Components that work: Sanctions, Incentives and other reentry tools (c) Team efforts: Creating seamless services and monitoring for returnees (d) Working with the serious offenders: dealing with a challenging population.



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