BJA Sponsored Reentry Court Focus Group Shines

Sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), the Boston Reentry Focus Group completed a full day session, with BJA bringing together an extraordinary group of fifteen experts from the Reentry Court and related fields. (Participants). The agenda dealt with topics as diverse as community coalition involvement and  State Jurisdiction for Reentry Courts (Focus Group Agenda). Lunch featured a presentation by Dr. Doug Marlowe, NADCP Director of Science, Policy, and the Law on “How Evidence Based Practices Applies To A Reentry Court Environment” (the powerpoint will be published shortly). A publication on Reentry Courts seen a likely outcome.

RCS Adds New Resource Tool

RCS is pleased to announce a new resource tool, titled [RESOURCE MAPS], found at the top of the far left “RESOURCES” column.

[RESOURCE MAPS] provides a general overview and live links for all significant publications and other information, related to Reentry Courts, both on site and linked to this site. More importantly, it provides specific audiences, whether  conventional or online,  with special resource suggestions for their individual information needs (typically keyed to a numbered agenda).

This new tool allowed RCS to provide suggested reading for both a BJA sponsored Reentry Court Focus Group as well as the full day Reentry Court Symposium, and a state court managers presentation recently held at the Boston NADCP Conference. In each case, an agenda was numbered and keyed to a specific “RESOURCE MAP” in the far left column. Use the keyed agenda and specific resource map to follow the presentations you attended, or at home, through suggested publications and linked resources.

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