San Francisco Parole Reentry Court Starts Up

Dec. 14, 2010

The SFPRC is designed to be a community-wide program, with the court as its hub. Members of the Court team include a Superior Court Judge, Program Coordinator, Defense Counsel, and Parole Officer (other team participants are expected to be announced shortly).

With the signing of the statewide California MOU, the San Francisco Parole Reentry Court (SFPRC), one of six pilot courts, has begun to formally accept participants into its program. The first six participants of the San Francisco Parole Reentry Court (SFPRC) were admitted to the Program on Thursday December 9th.

The SFPRC hopes to reach out to the entire San Francisco Community, building a circle of intervenors that can work together to effectively  reintegrate the parolee back into our greater community. It’s the mission of SFPRC to create an evolving community-based entity, that empowers and supports our clients, while dramatically reducing their criminal activity and return rate to prison.

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