Evidence Based Practice Packets Now Available

Feb. 7th

Reentry Court Practitioners have available to them an eleven part  education series  that enhance their ability to implement evidence based practices in their courts. The Center for Effective Public Policy and its partners, The Urban Institute and The Carey Group, developed this free educational program now available to criminal justice professionals and their partners interested in enhancing their implementation strategies.

Too often, practitioners have been  encouraged to use research based strategies such as “Evidence Based Practices”, but find the can only access highly conceptual education materials, that provide little guidance for implementation in the real world. On the other hand, each of the eleven Coaching Packets provided in this series, provides an overview of a key topic related to successful offender reentry, concrete strategies and key steps for enhancing practice in this area, and a “self assessment tool” that jurisdictions can use to evaluate their strengths and challenges in the particular topic area discussed. The packets are organized in three series:

  • Series 1 provides a blueprint for an effective offender reentry system;
  • Series 2 addresses key issues related to the delivery of evidence-based services to offenders; and
  • Series 3 provides guidance and tools to ensure that reentry efforts achieve their intended outcomes.

Though not specifically designed for Reentry Courts, I would encourage Reentry Court Practitioners to investigate this important educational series (especially the “Implementing Evidence Based Practices Packet”), and decide for yourselves.

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