“Second Chance Act” Reauthorization Begins

Oct. 2

The House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security of the Committee on the Judiciary, held its first hearing on the reauthorization of the “Second Chance Act.  Testifying before the subcommittee on Sept.29th were Le’Ann Duran, Director of the National Reentry Resources Center, Council of State Governments; Michele Banks, Manager,Richmond Second Chance Re-entry Program, Richnond City Sheriff’s Office; Nancy G. La Vigne Director, Justice Policy Center, The Urban Institute; David B. Muhlhausen, Ph.D. Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Data Analysis, Heritage Foundation; and Gladyse Taylor, Acting Director, Illinois Department of Correction.

While none of the witnesses testified in regard to reentry courts, their testimony (found above) is relevant as to the reauthorization of the “Second Chance act” and its $10 million in grant funding for reentry courts. Proceedings in both House and Senate are expected to continue on Reauthorization over the next several months. We will do my best to keep you informed as events unfold.

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