Reentry Court Track at NADCP Conference

June 8th

The NADCP Conference in July will feature a full day of workshops on Reentry Court.

The Reentry Court track that  runs five workshops on reentry court topics on Monday July 18th

We are watching a major nationwide trend develop before our eyes; state prisoners returning early and often to local jurisdictions. That pattern can be observed in states such as California where major reforms are being implemented that return parolees to local courts for supervision, parole, and revocation; and in states like Indiana, where state-wide certification already standardizes rules for existing reentry courts This track will take a hard look at how different states are implementing state-wide reentry court systems, both jail and prison based.


Workshop A: 10:15-11:30

Different State Approaches to Reentry Courts: A review of five states that have taken substantially different approaches to the use of the courts in supervising and supporting the reintegration of returning state prisoners into the community.

Moderator: Judge Jeff Tauber (ret.), San Francisco Reentry Court

California; Judge Steven Manley, Santa Clara Reentry Court

Indiana; Mary Kay Hudson, Director of Court Services, Indiana Judicial Center

Missouri; Judge Christine Carpenter, Boone County Reentry Court

New York; Chris Watler, Director, Harlem Justice Center Reentry Court

Ohio; Christine Raffaele, Program Manager, Ohio Supreme Court

Workshop B: 12:30-1:45

Evidence Based Practices in Reentry Courts: A review of the latest research based practices that make a difference in the success of Reentry Courts

Judge Jeffrey Tauber (ret.), San Francisco Reentry Court, CA

Workshop C: 2:00-3:15

The State of Reentry Courts in California:

California has taken a giant step toward the systemization of reentry courts across the state. In addition to six pilot reentry courts that have been in operation for nearly a year, Governor Brown has signed legislation that may in the near future, give county judges primary responsibility to supervise parolees and hold parole revocation hearings.

Judge Richard Vlavianos, San Joaquin Reentry Court

Judge Steven Manley, Santa Clara Reentry Court

Workshop D: 3:30-4:45

Dealing with the new demographic: Returning state prisoners

The local courts are experiencing the return of state prisoners to localities, to finish state prison terms and in some cases , to be supervised and tried for parole revocation before county judges. Learn how working with this new demographic is different.

Moderator: Judge John Creuzot; Dallas TX

Judge Patricia Cosgrove, Akron Reentry court, OH

Kathy Bush: Program Coordinator. San Joaquin Reentry Court. CA

Michael Princivalli, Boone County Missouri Reentry Court Coordinator

Workshop E: 5:00-6:15

The State of Reentry Courts in Indiana

Dealing with almost a dozen reentry courts, Indiana has the largest number of reentry courts in the nation. Additionally, Indiana is a model for developing astate wide systems that require counties to follow state wide rules. Learn from Indiana officials how a state wide, standardized reentry system works.

Moderator: Chris Watler, Director, Harlem Justice Center Reentry Court

Judge Jose Salinas, Indianapolis Reentry Court

Mary Kay Hudson, Director of Court Services, Indiana Judicial Center

Information on the NADCP Conference that runs from Sunday July 17 through Wednesday, July 20th.

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