"Today when I think of reentry court, I am reminded that nearly every offender sentenced to time in custody will return to the community from whence they came. And thus, every sentencing court is in fact, a reentry court, creating a pathway for the offender’s reentry into society." -Jeff Tauber

Rational Drug Reform Policy: A Resource Guide; CPSC, 2011

While Director of the Center for Problem Solving Courts (CPSC) in 2001, I wrote a series of articles on Prop. 36, and how best to promote drug policy reform while opposing drug legalization. I proposed straightforward procedures that state and local drug practitioners and their organizations could adopt to maintain their leadership in drug policy reform. I turned those articles into one of my better publications, ”Rational Drug Policy Reform: A Resource Guide”. The monograph was distributed at NADCP’s 2001 National Conference in New Orleans and across the nation, and at the time was well received.

PDF: Rational Drug Policy Reform- A Resource Guide

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