NADCP convenes “Reentry Court Standards” Committee

Mar. 12, 2012

Twenty experienced criminal justice practitioners and policy makers met at NADCP offices in Alexandria Virginia over the past weekend, to review best practices and procedures of Reentry Courts across the nation. The three day session was led by NADCP Board “Reentry Court Committee” chairman, Keith Starrett, (depicted in picture on the right). Judge Starrett is the Federal District Court Judge in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and runs the first Federal Reentry Court in in the nation, established over six years ago (click here for additional information)

The committee was also led by Justice Ray Price of the Missouri Supreme Court, Judge J. Fulton of the Norfolk VA reentry court, and John Marr, a pioneer of the reentry court movement. The committee made substantial progress in laying out the major concepts of Reentry Courts and will continue to work on the document in the coming months. It’s expected that there will be a session on “Reentry Court Standards”, presented at the NADCP National conference in Nashville on May 31st (the NADCP Conference runs from May 30 to June 2; more on that shortly).

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