"Today when I think of reentry court, I am reminded that nearly every offender sentenced to time in custody will return to the community from whence they came. And thus, every sentencing court is in fact, a reentry court, creating a pathway for the offender’s reentry into society." -Jeff Tauber

“Second Chance” Reentry Court RFP: A New Day

Note: Deadline for applications; June 3, 2010 This is the first of several articles  on the “Second Chance Act” Reentry Court Solicitation; in this analysis,  I will review the RFP from a collaborative and reintegration perspective. We’ve been waiting for a Reentry Court “Request For Proposal” (RFP) for a long time. For me, the wait began … Read more“Second Chance” Reentry Court RFP: A New Day

Harlem’s Administrative Parole Reentry Court

The Harlem Parole Reentry Court, sits in one of the oldest court buildings in Manhattan, though it is by no means a traditional court.  The renovated courthouse is home to the “Harlem Community Justice Center”,   a multi-jurisdictional community court project, as well as the Harlem Parole Reentry Court. The Reentry Court is presided over … Read moreHarlem’s Administrative Parole Reentry Court

Celebrating A Decade: How Reentry/Drug Court Got Here

Ten Years ago, the Conference Of Chief Justices’ (CCJ) and the Conference of State Court Administrators’ (COSCA) unanimous joint resolution in support of drug courts and its progeny, problem-solving courts made clear their intention to make Problem-Solving Courts a lynchpin of the future criminal justice system.

NADCP Introduces Resource Center: “Reentry Court Solutions”

The launching of a “Reentry Court Solutions”, “National Reentry Court Resource Center” marks a new focus on the reentry court model, as the alternative to prison.

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