BJA Solicitation: Prisoner Family Based Treatment

Deadline: June 3rd

BJA’s Family-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Program (under Section 113 of the Second Chance Act) provides up to $300,000 per grant for states and local jurisdictions, willing to provide services to prisoners with minor children, both in prison and after being released from prison [Note: though the legislation appears to target both returnes from prison and jail, the RFP appears clear that this is a prisoner only program]

 Family-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Program grants are availabfor Services provided to incarcerated parents with minor children  including:

  1. Development, implementation, and expansion of prison-based family treatment programs, which could include prison-based nursery programs;
  2. Development, implementation, and expansion of residential substance abuse treatment for parents which include outreach and services to minor children and family members in the community; and
  3. Coordination between appropriate correctional facility representatives and the other governmental agencies including social services and substance abuse and mental health agencies, as well as community treatment service providers.



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