A “You Tube” Reentry Court Tutorial


Go to the “Jeff Tauber” Channel on You Tube for the comprehensive 28 video tutorial on reentry courts

The San Francisco Reentry court Team was made up of program staff and volunteers who came together to providef community and friendship in an otherwise cold courtroom setting.

A You Tube channel set up in my name, “jeff Tauber”, provides video clips of reentry courts and court-based reentry systems. It will show decision-makers how effective sentencing systems can be in providing rehabilitative alternative to imprisonment. We believe that “seeing is believing” and since travel is often not an option, video can be the most instructive way to present relevant information on dynamic court-based reentry systems.

The  new “You Tube” Video Channel will provide a more direct and demonstrative way to learn about reentry courts. We have already begun the process, by exhibiting on You Tube what could be described as a “tutorial” on the San Francisco Parole Reentry Court (click here), composed of seven separate concept/playlists of four brief videos each. It’s our hope, that readers and friends will provide video of their reentry courts and court-based reentry systems for viewing on our website. We hope to continue to add video clips and related text, making our video channel, the most comprehensive video archive of court-base reentry systems.

[Our special thanks go out to Michael West at [email protected] for his wonderful videography]


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