New Workshop Added: “Systemic Approaches To Sentencing”

A new Workshop has been added to the Reentry Court Workshop Track, from 4:30 to 5:45 on June 1st at the NADCP Conference in Nashville. The 6th and last workshop session. it will demonstrate how “Systemic Sentencing Approaches” create a seamless process that follows the sentenced offender from sentencing thorugh custody, to community supervision, reducing recidivism and court costs, while improving the court’s capacity to provide effective rehabilliation and monitoring.

The workshop will be presented by Judge Jeff Tauber (ret.), President Emeritus of NADCP. editor of Reentry Court Solutions, and  most recently, the judge in San Francisco’s Parole Reentry Court Demonstration Project.

[Note: the Workshop will be held in Room F13; Governor’s Ballroom D. The Workshop is incorrectly entitled,  “Using Court-Based Community to Build Successful Reentry Courts”]


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