Best Practices Family Tool Kit Available

Having recently discovered the Best Practices Family Tool Kit , I can reccomend it highly to the reentry court practitioner. The “Ohio Institute on Correctional Best Practices” has produced a clear, concise, and highly relevant publication on family issues of returning offenders. As the Ohio Institute describes its publication, “it aims to systematically identify empirical evidence regarding strategies, programs and practices geared towards involving offenders’ families during incarceration and reentry. It highlights practices and program strategies that are proven, promising or exemplary best practices and provides references for more extensive reading. The objective of this tool kit is to provide information that will better inform policymakers, practitioners and researchers on maintaining and strengthening appropriate family relationships during incarceration and community reintegration”. It also contains a superb bibliography for those who wish to  understand the  critical issues relating to the family, the returning offender  left behind.

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