TO BE PUBLISHED IN 2019, NADCP’s 25th Year Anniversary: “A Personal History of NADCP and the Drug Court Movement: 1990-2001″

Judge Jeffrey Tauber

Judge Jeffrey Tauber, ret.


The excerpts from the Book.”A Personal History of NADCP and the Drug Court movement; 1990-2001″, by Jeffrey Tauber, is available on this website, directly below this article (and In the box on the right  marked “Book Updates”).

A Final Version is planned for Publication in 2019, the 25th year anniversary of NADCP (that will be approximately twice the length).  Check in with RCS in the coming months for more information on how to obtain copies.

With the completion of this excerpted version, I am editing the book to make corrections (and additions and subtractions) as appropriate. I would encourage anyone who has a different version of the events described here to contact me at this website to provide information that might make this book more complete and accurate.

[This publication is not authorized by NADCP or any other organization and its contents are the sole responsibility of the author, Jeffrey Tauber. Mr. Tauber's honorific title as NADCP President Emeritus for life, bestows no offical status to this or any other work produced by him].

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